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MoFA Summons Deputy Chargé d'Affaires of Embassy of Iraq

2018-12-24 - 6:46 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) summoned Nihad Rajab Askar, Deputy Chargé d'Affaires of the embassy of Iraq to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Undersecretary of Regional & GCC Affairs, Waheed Mubarak Sayyar, expressed to the Iraqi diplomat Bahrain's strong dismissal and disapproval of the statements issued by Former Vice President of the Republic of Iraq and Head of the State of Law Coalition, Noori Al-Maliki, as blatant and unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The undersecretary brought to the Iraqi diplomat's attention that such irresponsible statements represent a clear violation of the international conventions and principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of other States in addition to being against the nature of the brotherly and multi-level relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Iraq.

During a conference to announce the establishment of a political bureau of the 14th February coalition, Al-Maliki demanded that the Bahraini government not naturalize former Fedayeen Saddam. He called on the Bahraini government to find a "political solution that avoids slipping of the country into sectarian conflicts."

The undersecretary affirmed that  Al-Maliki's participation in the inauguration of a Baghdad office for the so-called 14th of February Youth Coalition that operates against Bahrain and is classified as a terrorist organization along with his hostile statements represent a blatant and unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom.

He also described Al Maliki's attitude as a clear solidarity with those who seek to spread chaos, violence and terrorism and exhibit hatred not only towards the Kingdom of Bahrain but also towards the Arab states and peoples.

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