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Bahrain: Prison Authorities Harass Prominent Rights Activist Nabeel Rajab

2018-12-18 - 6:58 p

Bahrain Mirror: The official Twitter account of prominent Bahraini human rights activist and political prisoner, Nabeel Rajab, said that the authorities of Central Jaw Prison, have exercised exceptional harassment against him.

The prison security forces raided Rajab's cell twice at dawn in one month, and went through all his clothes and belongings, making a mess.

"A police officer said to him in a condescending manner:" Get up now and smell them." So Rajab replied: "This is humiliating".

The tweets added that although there are other cells in the prison block, where Rajab was being held, but the authorities did not search any other cells, indicating the "they are deliberately harassing and inflicting psychological harm on Rajab, and attempting to deprive him of sleep repeatedly by launching similar raids at night more than once."

For his part, his son Adam Rajab said that his father told him a while ago about a security guard who eats Rajab's own food, and when he complained about it, they "ripped the complaint and threw it in front of his cell."

"There is no Bahraini among them," he added, referring to the nationalities of the prison security staff.

Rajab is serving a five-year prison sentence for tweets in which he criticized the war on Yemen and torture in Bahrain's prisons.


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