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Intíl Activists Question Britainís Shadow Governmentís Support for Bahrain

2018-12-18 - 3:42 am

Bahrain Mirror: Shadow British Minister for Peace and Disarmament Fabian Leeds praised the Bahraini regime.

In a tweet shared by the Bahrain Embassy in the UK Twitter page, he said: "You have established your place in the world there is no doubt, you've established your place amongst the Gulf States & the Gulf Nations & the Gulf Cooperation Council. You are a very important ally of the UK."

Human Rights First's Brian Dooley retweeted it, addressing Leeds: "Why are you cheerleading for the repressive Bahrain regime that tortures human rights activists?"

For his part, David Wearing, a British writer and researcher of international politics and expert on Gulf affairs, also retweeted it saying: "Why is this Labour shadow minister helping the Bahraini regime with its PR? The "Ombudsmen" he refers to is a fig leaf, appointed to give the impression that the regime is trying to end its extensive human rights abuses (it isn't)."


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