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Bahrain’s Prosecution Renews Detention of Sheikh Fadel Al-Zaki, 4 Others for 15 Days

Sheikh Fadel Al-Zaki
Sheikh Fadel Al-Zaki

2018-12-14 - 7:30 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Public Prosecutor's Office renewed on Thursday (December 13, 2018) the detention of a Shiite cleric, member of the Islamic Scholars Council (Ulama Islamic Council) Central Committee and head of its Shari'a Committee, Sheikh Fadel Al-Zaki and four other detainees for 15 additional days, pending investigation.

Interior Ministry forces had arrested Sheikh Al-Zaki and four others: Ahmad Abdullah Al-Zaki, Redha Al-Houri, Abbas Mohammed Jaafar Al-Zaki and Sayed Hussein Hashim, during a raid on Friday (November 30th) on Abu Saiba and Shakhoura areas.

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