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Pentagon: US Navy's Chief Scott Stearney Dead in Apparent Suicide

2018-12-04 - 9:48 am

Bahrain Mirror: Sources in the Pentagon said on Monday (December 3, 2018) that commander of the U.S. naval forces in the Middle East who died yesterday in Bahrain committed suicide.

Defense officials told CBS News they are calling it an "apparent suicide."

"This is devastating news for the Stearney family, for the team at 5th Fleet, and for the entire U.S. Navy," Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson said. "Scott Stearney was a decorated Naval warrior. He was a devoted husband and father, and he was a good friend to all."

The Pentagon announced two days ago the U.S. Navy admiral overseeing American naval forces in the Middle East has been found dead at his residence in Bahrain on Saturday, stressing that the American and Bahraini authorities are cooperating on the investigation.

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