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Al-Wefaq Society Deputy S-G: Second Round of Elections Set Up its Failure & Revealed Magnitude of Political Crisis

2018-12-03 - 3:12 am

Bahrain Mirror: The deputy secretary general of Al-Wefaq Society, Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi, commented on the second round of parliamentary and municipal elections, tweeting that "the second round of elections laid the foundation for ​​failure and weakness in the so-called elections ‘play' in Bahrain and proved by no doubt that the authorities used [inaccurate] numbers, making a mockery of itself in front of everyone".

"The international and national stances challenging the legitimacy and integrity of the elections were numerous and came from every corner. I have not seen a positive statement about them so far," he added.

"Coinciding with the second round of elections in Bahrain, I read a report by human rights organizations on electoral terrorism, and in fact I was very surprised by the scale of terrorising practiced against citizens to force them to vote," he stressed.

"This time the elections revealed the magnitude of the political problem that is ravaging the country and the isolation between the people and the government, so the boycotters were disgruntled and those who participated did so out of fear of intimidation".

He went on to say that "the opposition announced that turnout did not exceed 30% and this rate was confirmed again after the second round".

"Some are seeking, through lies and deception, to eliminate the people of Bahrain. We tell them to come and conduct a real referendum, in which votes are cast in real ballot boxes to find out who are the deceivers," he highlighted.


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