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Speaker of Chamber of Deputies Concerned that Protestors in France would be Repressed

2018-12-02 - 11:52 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini Speaker of Chamber of Deputies Ahmed Al-Mulla expressed great concern that peaceful protestors in France would be subjected to repression.

Al-Mulla said in a statement published by Bahrain News Agency "we fear that beautiful Paris will burn," calling on the French government to calm down and listen to the demands of citizens who practice their protests peacefully.

He also called on the French government to "exercise restraint" and engage in a "meaningful dialogue" with the protesters. He stressed his fears of the use of excessive violence by security forces against peaceful protesters, calling on all parties to come to the same table and discuss national agendas.

It is to mention that Al-Mulla, who presided over the Chamber of Deputies for 4 years (2014-2018), supported, in a statement signed by most members of the Council, the repressive measures against peaceful protestors in Bahrain. He also supported the death sentences that claimed the lives of three activists, and also participated in the enactment of legislation to avenge peaceful dissidents, most notably, a constitutional amendment authorizing Bahraini courts to revoke citizenship of Bahrainis. He also led a draft of another constitutional amendment allowing the trial of dissidents in military courts, which were criticized by human rights organizations.

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