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Amnesty Intíl: Bahrainís Harsh Sentences Continuation of Post-Elections Escalating Crackdown

2018-12-01 - 7:04 p

Bahrain Mirror: Amnesty International Bahrain has commented on the harsh sentences handed down by the courts in Bahrain recently, stating that they represent "the continuation of the post-elections escalating crackdown in Bahrain by stripping 32 people of their nationality."

"Denying citizenship is a violation of international law by which Bahrain is bound," said Amnesty via its official Arabic Twitter account.

A Bahraini court revoked on Thursday (November 29, 2018) the nationalities of 32 citizens who were subjected to severe torture after their arrest, bringing the total number of revoked nationalities this year to 288 and since 2012 to 794.

Zuhair Ibrahim Jassim and Mohamad Mahdi were sentenced to death on politically-motivated charges. The judiciary did not open an investigation into allegations of torture against Zuhair Ibrahim.

The total death sentences issued since the eruption of the political crisis in 2011 reached 27, and three citizens have already been executed.


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