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Collective Punishments against Jaw Prison Detainees over Commemorating Religious Occasion: Letter from Prisoners

2018-11-29 - 10:07 p

Bahrain Mirror: Jaw Prison detainees sent a letter in which they complained about being banned from practicing religious rituals inside prison and the punishments imposed by the prison administration against anyone who violates the rules by practicing these rituals.

The prisoners highlighted, on Tuesday (November 27, 2018), the collective punishments against a number of prisoners for insisting on commemorating the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad.

Below is the prisoners' statement:

Banning religious rites in Jaw Central Prison continues, and prisoners are subjected to penalties following the performance of their religious rites guaranteed by international laws and local regulations.

Officials inside the prison are deliberately restricting and preventing the practice of religious rites and rituals based on racist and sectarian motives, most recently on the occasion of the prophet's birth, where all prisoners were prevented from commemorating this religious occasion. Collective punishments were imposed in some of the prison buildings, due to the acts of commemoration practiced on this occasion, including building number one, where the prisoners were deprived of outside yard hours and telephone calls for several days.

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