Two Defendants Acquitted of Charges of “Managing Swimming Pool to Promote Prostitution”

2018-11-21 - 3:24 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Third Criminal Minor Court acquitted two defendants accused of running a brothel and promoting engagement in debauchery, and ordered returning the swimming pool to its owner for lack of evidence and since the video circulated about the incident does not contain anything of the alleged promotion of immorality.

The details of the incident come from a video clip that was circulated on social media, showing a number of men and women at a swimming pool dancing to loud music and smoking hookah and doing other things, and when the owner was asked about the incident, he decided that his responsibility is limited to the collection of rent, and that the tenant is aware of all the instructions prohibiting the practice of any acts contrary to morality, adding that he rented the pool on the day of the incident to the second defendant, who was summoned with the first defendant, who appeared in the video.

The Prosecution stated them that on July 12 and 13, 2018, at the Northern Governorate Security Department: First: They ran a place of prostitution (swimming pool), as shown in the papers, and Second: promoted publicly the practice of debauchery and prostitution, as shown in the papers.

The second defendant said that he had arranged a special birthday party so that he could bring his friends of both sexes to enjoy shisha, dancing and dinner together, and that the party was not public or available to everyone. He further said that they were in normal clothes and the girls who were present there received no money and attention by their own will to enjoy the party and dance. He stressed that the purpose of renting the pool was to throw a party and that they did not do any acts related to immorality or prostitution.

The court said the attached video, which is considered the mainstay of the case, shows the appearance of a group of young men and women near a swimming pool dancing to loud music, smoking shisha and drinking drinks thought to be alcoholic, noting they were in normal attire. The court added that it did not notice anything unusual, or suspicious.


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