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Elections Held Today at 29 Embassies and Consulates outside Country

2018-11-20 - 11:07 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Executive Committee of the 2018 elections clarified that the elections abroad took place in 29 embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions of the Kingdom of Bahrain abroad on Tuesday (November 20, 2018).

The voting process occurred from 8 am to 8 pm, depending on the local time of the city where the embassy, ​​consulate or diplomatic mission is located. In cases requiring re-election, the elections will take place on Tuesday (November 27 2018).

The Executive Committee pointed out that in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the diplomatic missions of the Kingdom of Bahrain abroad, all preparations have been completed to ensure that citizens will exercise their right to vote. All electors registered in the voter rolls will have the right to vote if they are outside Bahrain on polling day, on the condition that it is marked in the system and on his/her passport that they exercised their right to vote, in order to ensure that participation only occurred once.


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