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Public Prosecution Detains 4 Citizens over Election-Related Cases

2018-11-19 - 8:42 p

Bahrain Mirror: Head of the Public Prosecution, and head of the electoral crimes investigation committee, Mhana Al-Shayji said that "The Public Prosecutor's Office has received a communication from the Anti-Electronic Crimes Directorate to monitor a video clip of a person on social media sites containing false information about the conduct of one of the candidates for the purpose of influencing the course of the electoral process and the results of the votes."

"The Public Prosecution issued an order to arrest and bring in the accused after examining the circulated video clip, and began questioning him and charged him with publishing and broadcasting false news about the behavior of one of the candidates for the purpose of influencing the outcome of the election." he added.

He further noted that the committee also received another communication stating that three people destroyed election ads for one of the candidates in the capital, and during questioning they confessed to the crime of tearing up and damaging election advertisements.

The Prosecution also ordered the detention of all the accused in these two cases in preparation for their referral to the competent court.


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