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Prisoner Alawi Hussain Suffering from High Blood Pressure for over 5 Months

Rally in solidarity with Alawi Hussain
Rally in solidarity with Alawi Hussain

2018-11-17 - 7:11 p

Bahrain Mirror: The wife of Bahraini prisoner, Alawi Hussain, said that her husband has been suffering for more than 5 months from high blood pressure, as the authorities don't seem to allow him to receive necessary treatment.

Alawi's wife explained that the continuous rise in his blood pressure "affects his health."

Mr. Alawi Hussain was arrested with a group of activists, severely tortured and later accused of plotting to assassinate Marshal Khalifa bin Ahmed (military commander). He was sentenced to death in a military court, but the sentences were commuted to life imprisonment days after the verdict was issued.

The trial of Alawi and his companions before the military court was widely condemned by international organizations, including Human Rights Watch.

Alawi's group is the first to be tried before military courts after a constitutional amendment allowing the trial of civilians before military courts in specific cases.


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