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Ali Al-Aswad: No Use of Going to Ballot Boxes, Regime Only Wants to Whitewash Image

2018-11-15 - 11:34 p

Bahrain Mirror: Former Al-Wefaq MP Ali Al-Aswad compared in a series of tweets the regime's project to that of the opposition, explaining that the Bahraini authorities "seek to produce elections for a parliament that has lost popular legitimacy and without any legislative or regulatory tools. Meanwhile, the opposition democratic forces in Bahrain, despite all the violations practiced against them and arrests, talk about an inclusive political project summarized by the Manama Document."

Al-Aswad explained that opposition forces in Bahrain "talk about building a state, laws and legislations based on the International bill on respect for human rights and the implementation of the social justice and equality approach among people, on the basis of a contractual constitution that ensures that justice is achieved without favoring one over another." The opposition speaks of a fully fledged Parliament in accordance with international democratic regulations in ancient monarchies. It also speaks about fair electoral districts and a proportional distribution that ensures representation for everyone according to principle of "one vote for one citizen".

He added that "The authority speaks about districts formed according to the directions of the "dark rooms" affiliated with the formation of the Al-Bandar cell, where voters in the Southern and Capital directorates are burnt. The authorities in Bahrain speak about a council ruled by two chambers, one of them is appointed, with powers of legislation superior to the Parliament, and the other is restricted by regulations that prevent it from holding the Prime Minister and even ministers accountable. We vehemently reject this."

The MP said that the opposition forces "have submitted a number of ideas for a political solution and seriously engaged in dialogue, while the authorities underestimated all of the ideas and took the dialogues in a comical way, far from political partnership or the peaceful circulation of power. They; however, worked far from the concept of the people being the source of authorities, and worked to achieve that with repressive methods."

He concluded that "there is no use in going to the ballot boxes which the authorities in Bahrain use to whitewash their image. The authorities got used to doing the same action every four years and wants the people to take part in this election to whitewash its black image. Boycotting the Parliamentary and municipal elections is the demand of the majority of the Bahraini population."

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