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Ammar Sahwan Slowly Dying in Jaw Prison, Shrapnel in his Kidney and Broken Teeth

2018-11-15 - 10:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh said that prisoner Ammar Sahwan is suffering from medical negligence in Jaw Central Prison.

Al-Saegh wondered: "Where the medical negligence policy wants to drag its victim Ammar Sahwan?" adding that it is "a question raised to Jaw Central Prison who has some officials that practice a policy of ignoring the severe pains of prisoners with coldness to the extent that a youth in his 20s described what he is experiencing as deliberate gradual killing."

The prisoner's family who find themselves incapable of helping him said: "He was subjected to arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance and unfair trial, in which he was sentenced over accusations extracted under torture and illegal conditions. He was sentenced to 9 years and 6 months in prison."

Sahwan "was injured before his arrest. He was shot from a near distance by the internationally banned shotgun pellets, shrapnel penetrated his kidney and still remain in his body. He was subjected to abuse in his prison cell. During the Jaw Central Prison incidents on 13/3/2015, his frontal teeth were broken after he was beaten. He wasn't treated."

The family stresses that "Ammar has been suffering from an allergy since 3 months ago. He is demanding to be transferred to a hospital, but his demand is not being met." The prisoner's family demands allowing their son his right to treatment, reconsider his verdict and put an end to his sufferings.

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