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Hani Marhoun’s Health Deteriorates following One Month of Hunger Strike, His Detained Son Subjected to Violations in Dry Dock Prison

2018-11-13 - 10:03 p

Bahrain Mirror: Political detainee Hani Marhoun, who has been on hunger strike for a month, demanded in a letter published by activists on Monday (November 12, 2018) to expedite a meeting with the Ombudsman, National Institution for human rights and prisoners' commission. Marhoun also demanded his right to treatment.

Meanwhile, human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh announced that Hani Marhoun's son, Hussein, was subjected to sexual assault and insults, adding that juice was poured on him in a humiliating way by officers from "Al-Kouhji" family in Dry Dock Prison. Hussein is launching a hunger strike in solidarity with his father.

Detainee Hani Marhoun revealed in his letter that his health has deteriorated following one month of hunger strike, stressing that he intends to proceed in his strike despite losing more than 15 kilos and suffering from numbness in his toes and pain in his bones almost all the time.

Marhoun said that the prison's doctor refused to treat him and to document these negative symptoms in his health file.

He held the prison administration responsible for lack of interest in providing him with suitable place for sleeping, as he suffers from a handicap in his leg due to a previous surgery, indicating that he shares the same mattress with his friend, due to the crowded prison cell that is equipped for 8 prisoners only and contains 15.

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