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Eight Lawyers Disciplinary Suspended between One Month and a Year

2018-11-13 - 9:43 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs issued a decision banning 8 lawyers (6 males and 2 females) from practicing the profession for periods ranging from one month to one year, over complaints from their clients related to receiving money without returning the cases to them.

Among the lawyers is Abdulrahman Al-Khashram who was suspended for 6 months for attempting to withdraw a document from a case to one of his clients for the purpose of invalidating his client's verdict. However, this was discovered and he was referred for investigation. A verdict preventing him from practicing the profession was issued in February and was upheld in November.

The official gazette published in its last edition that the suspended lawyers are:

Ali Ahmad Habib (one year)

Rashed Hamad Al-Jar (one year)

Abdulrahman Rashid Al-Kashram (6 months)

Ahmad Mohammad Al-Merbati (3 months)

Hasan Ahmad Abbas (one month)

Isa Faraj Al-Burashid (3 months)

Luluwa Mobarak Al-Thawadi (3 months)

Ghadir Ali Bani Khalid (3 months)

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