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Imprisoned HR Defender Naji Fateel: I Lost Hearing in my Right Ear under Torture, Still without Treatment

2018-11-11 - 11:46 p

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights defender Naji Fateel, who is sentenced to 15 years in jail, talked through a leaked recording about his sufferings in the notorious Jaw Central prison. He said that he lost hearing in his right ear after he was subjected to torture and brutal beatings.

Fateel urged the international and local human rights parties to pressure on the Bahraini authorities to provide him with adequate health treatment and stop the ill-treatment he is being subjected to.

He indicated that he is banned from treatment despite the health problems he suffers from due to torture. He stated "I lost hearing in my right ear. My surgery was canceled twice without mentioning the reasons. I sustained major injuries in my back after the repeated torture meals and I wasn't treated too."

Fateel stressed that the sentences he is being tried upon are malicious. He also confirmed that he raised several complaints to official parties regarding the torture he is subjected to, including the Special Investigation Unit, Public Prosecution, Ombudsman, Prisoners Commission, National Institution for Human Rights, executive judge and Public Prosecutor, but without any result.

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