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Bahrain: Four Citizens Arrested, Including "Ammar" Martyrs Mustafa and Mohammed Hamdan’s Brother

2018-11-04 - 11:34 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): At least four people were arrested by the Bahraini security authorities on Saturday (November 3, 2018), including Ammar Hamdan (from the town of Karbabad), the brother of martyrs Mustafa and Mohammed Hamdan.

The authorities also took into custody child Yousuf Mohammad Ali and youth Mohammad Wahhab Habib from Karbabad. Youth Ahmed Al-Ashouri was apprehended as well from the town of Daih in a house raid within a campaign targeting dozens of homes, which were raided by security forces at dawn on Saturday.

The authorities have stepped up their security campaign and arrested nearly 20 citizens since Wednesday. This coincides with the elections scheduled to be held this month, November, which the opposition has announced boycotting.


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