Appeals Court Upholds Death Penalty against 2, Life Term Sentences against 5 over Sitra Blast Case

2018-11-02 - 10:10 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Appeals Court upheld on Monday (October 29, 2018) verdicts issued by the first-instance court sentencing each of Mohammad Ibrahim Al Touk and Mohammad Radi Abdullah to death penalty and revoking their nationalities. It also upheld life term jail against each of Salah Saeed, Ibrahim Jaafar Hasan, Ali Abdulakrim Marzouq, Laith Khalil Al Touk, Ali Ahmad Ali, revoked citizenships of 4 of them and issued 10-year jail term against Sayed Mortada Al-Sanadi and Kassim Abdullah Ali and revoked their citizenships as well.

The court also upheld a 10-year jail term against Al-Wefaq leader and former MP Sheikh Hasan Isa over the same case and sentenced others to jail terms ranging between 6 months and 10 years.

The Fourth High Criminal Court condemned on Wednesday (March 29, 2017) 24 suspects accused of killing 2 policemen and attempting to murder 6 others and charge of funding the terrorist group by Al-Wefaq member Sheikh Hasan Isa.

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