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Oman Welcomes U.S. and British Calls for Ceasefire in Yemen

2018-11-02 - 5:49 p

Bahrain Mirror (Reuters): The Gulf state of Oman on Thursday welcomed calls by the United States and Britain for a ceasefire in Yemen's war, Oman's state news agency reported on Thursday.

Oman said dialogue was the best way to solve the conflict and bring security and stability to Yemen, and expressed its support for U.N. efforts to bring about a peaceful settlement.

Oman is a Gulf ally of Saudi Arabia, but not a member of the Saudi-led military coalition trying to oust the Houthi militia that has seized the northern part of Yemen, including the capital Sanaa. It maintains good relations with the Houthis, who, like the Saudi-backed government, have expressed a readiness to return to the negotiating table.


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