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At Least 6 Bahrainis Arrested within 12 Hours

2018-11-02 - 5:20 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini security authorities arrested on Thursday (November 1, 2018) at least 6 citizens within less than 12 hours over political reasons.

Rasd news network specialized in monitoring night raids and arrests in Bahrain said that the authorities arrested today at dawn Younis Abdulaziz from "A'ali" village and transferred him to the Criminal Investigation Department building and arrested Hussein Ali Radhi from the same village. The authorities also arrested Sayed Adnan Sayed Majed and Sayed Hussein Sayed Ali from "Abo Qowa" village.

The authorities arrested Husein Jaafar Mousa Al-Sinini from "Shahrakan" and Hussein Fadel from "Al-Daih".

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