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Sheikhs Al-Reyash, Al-Banaa, Al-Jamri, Eulogy Reciter Sahwan and Malikiya Obsequies Organizers Released

Mahdi Sahwan
Mahdi Sahwan

2018-10-30 - 8:01 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini security authorities released a number of detainees who were arrested during the month of Muharram, or after their participation in the commemoration of Ashura.

Sheikh Mohammad Al-Reyash was freed after being held for addressing certain topics during Ashura season. Both Sheikh Hadi Al-Banaa and Sheikh Yassin Al-Jamri were released on Tuesday (October 30, 2018) after being arrested on the seventh day of Muharram.

For her part, lawyer Reem Khalaf, via her account on Twitter, said that eulogy reciter Mahdi Sahwan was released, after being taken into custody for interrogation over poems he recited during the Ashura season.

Also, the organizers of the Imam Rida Obsequies in Malikiya who were being held since the tenth of Muharram were released as well.


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