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Bahraini Interior Ministry: Hotline Set to Protect Elections from any Foreign Funding & Interference, Especially Qatar and Iran

2018-10-24 - 11:58 p

Bahrain Mirror: Head of the General Directorate for Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security, Bassam Al-Maraj, said that a special hotline and e-mail had been made for "protecting the electoral process, scheduled to take place in the Kingdom of Bahrain on November 24th, from any foreign interference or funding for political purposes."

He claimed that "this call, comes in the light of intensive and successive reports, the media circulated on the acts of sabotage practiced by the Qatari and Iranian regimes to influence the results of the parliamentary elections in a number of countries, including the elections witnessed in Lebanon and Iraq recently to produce results according to the whims of those who use money to achieve their goals, completely violating the right of the Arab citizen to choose who represents him in the parliamentary councils."

Bassam Al-Maraj further stressed that "the laws governing elections, in all countries of the world and in long-lived democracies, prohibit the use of political money and the purchase of voices in the electoral process since this constitutes a manipulation of the emotions and benefits of citizens and their right to vote."


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