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One-Year Jail Term Handed down to Candidate over Cheque without Balance worth 24000 BD, Newspaper

2018-10-23 - 8:21 p

Bahrain Mirror: Local Bahraini Al-Bilad daily said that a verdict was issued 12 days ago sentencing a candidate running in the second directorate of the capital governorate for a year in prison over giving a cheque without a balance.

Documents obtained by the newspaper said that the total amount of cheques given by the candidate reached 24,000 BD.

The newspaper stated that notice number 1471 for 2018 was issued against the candidate and the number of the case in judiciary is (07201809233).

The newspaper indicated that the fourth minor criminal court verdict was recently issued on October 10, 2018, over charges of giving a cheque with bad faith.

The court decided to detain the suspect for one year and 100 BD fine to stop the execution of sentence.

The newspaper showed that the cheque was written on March 30, 2018 with 24,0000 and 602 BD amount.

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