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At Least 5 Candidates Rejected for Belonging to “Dissolved” Societies

2018-10-23 - 8:14 p

Bahrain Mirror: The supreme committee for the general supervision of the safety of the election refused the candidacy application of each of businessman Mohammad Hasan Al-Aradi, Sheikh Mohamad Said Al-Aradi, Nader Abdulimam, Yousef Al-Buri, Hussein Al-Eskafi, Majed Taher, Ali Shamtout and Jaafar Daif.

According to local media outlets, applications of each of Ali Shamtout, Nader Abdulimam, Hussein Al-Eskafi, Yousef Al-Buri and Majed Taher were rejected for joining a dissolved society (in reference to Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, the largest opposing political society in Bahrain which was dissolved by the authorities).

This rejection comes pursuant to the Constitutional amendment that prevents members of dissolved political societies from running in elections.  

A number of people whose applications were rejected said that they will contact the supervising committee for revision.

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