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Hamood Sultan: I Didnít Run for Elections, I Donít Understand Politics

2018-10-18 - 5:54 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini football player Hamood Sultan denied running for the upcoming Parliamentary elections.

He said in a footage on Wednesday (October 17, 2018) "the fact is that I didn't run for elections and I don't intend to. I only said I am thinking about the matter, but people reported it". He added "I remained silent and didn't want to say anything, until everybody started to talk."

Sultan explained "I am a person who doesn't understand politics, legislation or law and I don't put myself in things I don't understand. I, however, serve my country with sports". He went on to say "this is a huge responsibility and MPs haven't done anything for people throughout 16 years". Local newspapers had published the name and photos of Hamood Sultan as one of the candidates in one of Muharraq districts, but he denied the news.


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