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Bahraini Al-Wefaq Launches Slogan about Boycotting Parliamentary and Municipal Elections, "Your Voice is More Valuable"

2018-10-17 - 10:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society announced the launch of a slogan about boycotting the 2018 parliamentary and municipal elections entitled "Your Voice is More Valuable." This comes in line with the popular stance and the political vision of Al-Wefaq that consider the upcoming elections illegitimate and nominal.

Al-Wefaq explained that the vote of the citizen is more valuable than an unfair electoral system and a powerless legislative authority that does not reflect the minimum level of the required democratic practice. The will of the citizen is more valuable than being exploited to perpetuate the political, legal, economic and social crises, financial and administrative corruption and the long list of aggravation elements.

Al-Wefaq pointed out that originally the political parties take part in the parliamentary elections, in a qualified political environment; however, the participation in the current elections, while it will produce an incapacitated legislative council that lacks the ability to offer anything, means tampering with the hopes of citizens and neglecting the homeland and its capabilities. The participation, in the light of this backward reality with the suffering of the citizens and the complete belief that there is no will to resolve the crises, expresses a falsification of the popular will and covering up for decisions that are not in the interest of citizens, as you cannot give what you do not have, according to Al-Wefaq.

Al-Wefaq stressed that the Bahraini people have just and legitimate demands, the achievement of which will naturally lead to a radical transformation towards democracy, peaceful devolution of power, equal citizenship and social justice that will achieve sustainable political stability.