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Bahrainís HRC Membership Win wonít Stop Intíl Condemnations of its Black Record: Baqer Darwish

2018-10-15 - 6:52 p

Bahrain Mirror: President of Bahrain Forum for Human Rights Baqer Darwish commented on Bahrain's Human Rights Council membership win saying "International condemnations will not stop and the diplomatic performance of some member states will remain steadfast in condemning violations, and diplomatic failure to polish violations since 2011 will be repeated."

He said receiving a membership "is not a diplomatic accomplishment or proof of the authority's respect for human rights principles, but it is an achievement due to its international relations."

He said in tweet via his Twitter account that "the Bahraini Foreign Ministry should address the knot of diplomatic failure by promoting the description of the renewal of Bahrain's membership in the Human Rights Council by accomplishments", pointing out that "alongside Bahrain, Israel has already got the membership despite its occupation to the Palestinian territories and committing crimes against humanity."

"The states involved in the violations are many, and despite their black record in oppressing human rights, they receive membership in the Human Rights Council, so Bahrain will not be the first or last to receive membership despite its black record in committing serious human rights violations," Darwish commented.

He added "Bahrain has ratified nine major international human rights conventions and was hasty to join them as to renew its membership in the human rights council, while in fact it doesn't respect human rights principles. Bahrain failed to apply article 37 of the Constitution and it uses these international obligations as a façade to cover up violations."

Baqer Darwish indicated that ""while states were voting on Bahrain's membership in the Human Rights Council, a peaceful demonstration in Karana village was suppressed and a number of men including martyrs' fathers was arrested," he said.

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