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Bahrain: Police Attack Peaceful Protest, Arrest Activists (Witnesses)

2018-10-13 - 7:57 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Eyewitnesses said that security forces attacked a peaceful protest launched from Karana and arrested at least 5 citizens, including fathers of martyrs.

Photos published by activists showed the moment of the attack on the protest in Karana. Eyewitnesses confirmed that the authorities arrested (fathers of martyrs Sayed Hashem and Ali Mushaima, fathers of activists Ali Al-Shari and Abu Mohammad Al-Akrawi along with a citizen from Karana called Yassine) as well as other protestors.

Protests were staged on Friday (October 12, 2018) afternoon in number of village, calling for boycott of Parliamentary and municipal elections to be held by the authorities in November. 

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