New Fees for Commercial Registers Adopted, Implemented within Current Month: Local Newspaper

2018-10-13 - 12:28 am

Bahrain Mirror: The new fees for commercial registrars will be approved in the coming days and are expected to be implemented this month, local newspaper Akhbar Al Khaleej reported.

It pointed out that the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for its part, studied the fees implemented in Oman, Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia and came out with a vision, through which the fees were determined and will be implemented soon. This represents a huge difference between what would have been implemented on the ground and what was agreed upon with the government, which meets the need for increasing the resources of the state budget without burdening the private sector.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry have reached a consensus solution on the new fees.

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