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Al-Wefaq Announces from London: Boycott of Parliamentary Elections, Adhering to Dialogue, Calls on Int'l Community to Support Bahraini People

2018-10-10 - 12:36 am

Bahrain Mirror: The National Islamic Al-Wefaq Society organized on Tuesday (October 9, 2018) its first press conference since a final ruling was issued by the policitized Bahraini judiciary to dissolve it. Al-Wefaq deputy secretary-general, Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi, officially announced the society's boycott of the upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections.

In addition to Al-Daihi, the Society was also represented in the conference by former MP Ali Al-Aswad, who stressed on complete adherence to the peaceful movement demanding reforms, and adherence to dialogue as a means to resolve the Bahraini crisis.

Al-Wefaq expected that "participation will fall between 27 and 32 percent only, and in some districts will reach 3 percent."

During the conference, which was attended by a number of media outlets, Al-Daihi announced that "after an 18-year experience, which has resulted in a great deal of setbacks on all levels, based on our national duty, the authorities' determination to pursue the same methods that exacerbate the crisis, the fact that no real reforms have been accomplished and doors leading to democratic space and dialogue have been shut, which has dragged the country into a whirlpool of crises that has exhausted it, we affirm that the people of Bahrain have no choice but not to participate and choose to boycott the parliamentary and municipal elections."

Al-Daihi further stated that there are 25 reasons why Bahrainis would resort to boycotting the upcoming parliamentary elections, noting that the national democratic opposition forces, according to a series of documents and visions presented or announced such as the Manama Document and the Bahrain Declaration recently launched by Al-Wefaq, presented their views on the possible solutions in Bahrain.

For his part, former MP Ali Al-Aswad stressed on a set of constancies: the first being adherence of Al-Wefaq Society to dialogue and negotiation to overcome the crises, adherence to national and Islamic unity and the necessity to enhance national cohesion.

He also stressed Al-Wefaq's adherence to "the peaceful option in demanding rights". "We confirm that our choice to boycott the elections stems from a very deep vision based on national interest, national security and preservation of the nation's resources and the status of the citizen."

He called on Bahrainis "from different classes and affiliations to make a collective national stand by refusing to participate in the elections and work on boycotting it, so we can improve and develop the experience in a fair manner that would preserve the rights and dignity of the people."

"Participation means the acceptance of further marginalization, corruption and destruction that is increasing and accumulating," he added.

Al-Aswad went on to say that "after studying and reading the data provided by all the sites and departments in Bahrain, we expect the participation rate to be between 27 and 32 percent only, and will reach in some districts to 3%. It also may reach this level as a result of pressuring and forcing military personnel and obliging a number of employees and also through the use of electoral funds, intimidation and terrorization."

He also called on "the international community and UN agencies to take upon themselves their natural role in supporting the people of Bahrain in getting out of this deadlock and building national consensus."

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