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Prosecution Renews Detention of Sheikh Al-Rayyash, Sayed Al-Hashimi and Haji Sumoud for 15 Days over Taking Part in Ashura Occasion

2018-10-04 - 10:38 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Public Prosecution renewed on Thursday (October 4, 2018) detention of number of clerics and eulogy citers who took part in commemorating Ashura for 15 days. It also renewed the detention of obsequies' organizers and number of citizens arrested from Al-Malikiya over writing anti-regime expressions on the 10th day of Muharram on one of the village's streets.

The prosecution renewed the detention of Sheikh Mohammad Al-Rayyash, Sayed Kamel Al-Hashini, Haji Sumoud, Sayed Hassan Al-Wedaei, Sayed Hasan Al-Mosawi, Mohammad Bu Hamid, Abudulla Bu Rashid as well as head of Ras Rumman obsequy Shaker Al-Majed for 15 days.

The prosecution ordered on Wednesday (October 3, 2018) the renewal of detention of each of Sheikh Hani Al-Bana'a, Sheikh Yasin Al-Jamri and Sheikh Majid Al-Sehlawi for extra 15 days pending investigation.

Bahrain Center for Human Rights issued a report in which it confirmed that the authorities practiced several violations against Shiite religious rituals. It also noted that the authorities attacked Ashura manifestations, repeatedly summoned preachers and eulogy citers and arrested a number of them over charge of inciting hatred against the regime.


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