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Two Suspects Sentenced to Life, 15 Years in Jail over Charge of Joining “Saraya Al-Ashtar”

2018-09-28 - 6:59 am


Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini court sentenced on Wednesday (September 25, 2018) a Bahraini (living abroad) to 10 years in jail and issued life term sentence against his brother after accusing him of joining Saraya Al-Ashtar.

The court accused the first of recruiting his brother in Saraya Al-Ashtar and planning to shot against a security patrol in Sitra.

Advocate-General and Terror Crimes Prosecution Chief, Chancellor Ahmed Al-Hammadi, said that "According to the case documents, the Public Prosecution received a notification from the Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID) indicating that the first suspect, who is a member of the Al-Ashtar Brigades terrorist organization, had recruited the second suspect to join the terrorist organization, work for it and serve its goals."

The courts rely on confidential sources to issue verdicts. Meanwhile, detainees confirm being subjected to torture in order to say confessions that incriminate them in front of the courts assigned by the King.


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