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Ali Mushaima’s Doctor Says his Health is Dangerously Deteriorating after Completing One Month of Hunger Strike

2018-08-30 - 10:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: After examining him in his protest place, in front of the Bahraini embassy in London, doctor of Bahraini activist Ali Mushaima said that his health is dangerously deteriorating after complementing one month of hunger strike

The doctor said that there are several changes in Ali's health since the last test he underwent one week ago. He has drop in blood pressure, a severe drop in the sugar level, as well as in the protein, besides the headache and dizziness he suffers from due to these changes.

He stressed that Ali has lost 13 Kg and noted that his body muscles are collapsing.

For his part, Ali said "it has been a month...I feel exhausted, but I will go on," he added "I think what I am doing is necessary and I will not leave."

Mushaima reiterated that the demands he is protesting for are simple; he demands full treatment to his detained father, dissident Hasan Mushaima, as well as family visitation, returning of confiscated books and allowing him to read.

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