Ebdaa Bank CEO Hired by Member of Al Khalifa Family, his Father’s Colleague of Bahrain King

2018-08-28 - 11:06 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Upon reading the CEO of Ebdaa Bank Jordanian Khalid Al-Ghazzawi's commentary written about his career, you sense as if the notion of ​​microfinance can not take place without being led by a person with a phony PhD like himself.

It was a miserable attempt to show that his employment was based on his competence in this field, and not on a forged doctorate or any other factors. However, what was disclosed not intetionally with his own tongue and his sister's, Yara Al-Ghazzawi, revealed otherwise.

In the defense of her brother via her account on Twitter, Yara wrote in response to the Twitter user Lavrov, who is active in revealing fake diplomas, that her brother is "a Jordanian with Jordanian roots that go deep in the ground and a rise high up in the sky. His father and the King of Bahrain were colleagues in the Royal Jordanian Air Force, and from a family described as an emirate in northern Jordan ".

"I thank all the personal insults against me and my country as well as those who originally appointed me in the Bank, who is an esteemed sheikh from the ruling family," "Dr." Al-Ghazzawi said, concluding his statement before vowing to sue anyone who was responsible for bringing up his fake diploma.

Al-Ghazzawi's sons wanted to make threats by stating that their appointment came directly from high-ranking members of the ruling family, and that the campaign against "Dr." Al-Ghazzawi is targeting Al Khalifa. According to the power map in Bahrain, targeting the corruption of the ruling family is as costly as playing with fire.

It is widely believed that Al-Ghazzawi was hired as chief executive of Ebdaa Bank through the favor of the Royal Court Minister Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa. Regardless of the "esteemed Sheikh", who is behind Al-Ghazzawi's appointment, the system of interests in Bahrain has produced nothing but ill-treatment and corruption, including the appointment of an unqualified alleged dr. in a major position.

Since he knows that reality, one will find Al-Ghazzawi currying favor with the ruling family, as he even addresses the Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa with "Sir". He also does not miss an official occasion without sending telegrams to the political leadership in the country. The last of which was a congratulation cable sent to King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa for the oil discovery, to which the Royal Court replied saying: "(Dr.) Khalid Al-Ghazawi, many thanks to you, we have received your telegram."

Fawning over the leadership and acting superior to the people of Bahrain is the protectionist approach that foreign beneficiaries know very well. In such a position at the bank, he can blatantly fire Bahrainis from the bank and employ one of his own or newly-naturalized Bahraini citizens, glorifying them as hard workers and dubbing the country's people as failures.

"The country has asked for its people" was the caption to one of the pictures he posted on his Instagram page, as he was returning to Bahrain from his home country Jordan! Yes, "Doctor", you represent the people of Bahrain! And it asked for you! Bahrain has become the favorite country for (fraudulent foreigners), which expels its good diligent citizens in all governorates, and in any field! The banking sector is flooded with Bahraini talent, with 83% of Bahraini employees, but unfortunately they work at the mercy of foreign executives!


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