Bahraini Ambassador to Moscow’s Fake "PhD" Truly Tests Education Ministry’s Claims of Fighting against Forged Diplomas & Qualifications

2018-08-28 - 2:02 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): There is no doubt that our ambassador in Moscow, Ahmed Al-Saati, is worried these days. He hadn't been tweeting as much as usual recently, as he used to to flood his account daily with his meetings and many trips across the capital: News about a meeting with the president of the Muftis Society in Russia, news about another with Arab ambassadors in Moscow. This is how our Ambassador spends his days navigating the beautiful Russian city. However, there is something that took place in his distant country which he didn't react to. It's an entirely personal matter, but also public at the level of the public office which he holds in his country. In Bahrain, a story is being circulated about the ambassador's forging of his master's degree and Phd diploma by the means of two fraudulent universities.

Three years ago (in 2015), he mentioned to the press that he obtained his doctorate from an American university that only existed in Karachi, Pakistan. Four years earlier (in 2011), he had a similar story passed to the press about his master's degree obtained from an "international" Dutch university that had no real presence except in Iraq; where corruption and chaos are rampant and which is not even recognized by the Netherlands itself, to which it is attributed. During all of this, our ambassador in Moscow seemed very pleased as he smiled in the face of delegates who come to Bahrain specifically to give him the certificates of qualification, while they are very grateful to him, thanking him for receiving their fake diplomas!

It; nonetheless, was only a temporary smile, as he is witnessing the repercussions now. A professor at King Saud University and a member of the Shura Council, Mowafaq Fawaz Al-Ruwaili, the one behind the famous #Halkoni [meaning they exhausted me in arabic] hashtag, through which he exposed the names of those who obtained false diplomas, ridiculed our ambassador, saying: "Perhaps Mr. Ambassador can buy the university site which may be for sale." Al-Ruwaili refers to the site of the so-called US "Presley University", from which Al-Saati had claimed to have obtained a PhD. The university was a mere black market for forged diplomas in Karachi, which Pakistani authorities have shut down following a scandal, three months after he received this prominent "qualification".

The website domain is now available. Al-Saati can now purchase it as a token of appreciation for a university that made him a "doctor" in the eyes of the press for three years. If this scandal has stopped him from tweeting for a day or two, then what comes next is worse.

In Bahrain, which he has been absent for three years as an ambassador to Moscow, his story is a real test for all the Ministry of Education's allegations of pursuing holders of fake degrees. All the promises that those involved in the purchase of fake educational qualifications would be referred to trial will bounce back off his diplomatic seat, as in his seat, there's the limit between what's serious and what's not. This is a crystal clear case of forgery committed by someone in an official post, who claims to have achieved a fake university degree.

He commited this during his tenure in government positions, also as he served as a member of Parliament, and then a member of the Board of Commissioners of the National Institute for Human Rights, which is appointed by the King. If this shame is to be washed away and covered up in any way, none of the perpetrators of such crimes will be held accountable whatsoever. As always, the fire will catch the minor heads while the major ones will have a free pass. No surprise, you are in Bahrain!


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