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Mother of Sick Bahraini Detainee Makes Urgent Call to Reveal his Condition after Son Transferred to Recovery Room

2018-08-23 - 8:52 p

Bahrain Mirror: Activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh issued an urgent appeal from a mother of a Bahraini detainee suffering from Sickle Cell Disease, in which she demanded revealing the fate of her son and  allowing her to meet him after she lost contact with him 13 days ago, after being transferred to the recovery room.

The activist said that Bahraini detainee Mohammad Hamid Al-Daqqaq, 26 years, was transferred to the hospital to undergo a surgery and nothing was reported about him since then.

Al-Daqqaq, from Karbabad village, was arrested on January 23, 2015. His health situation required keeping him in hospital for more than one month sometimes due to the severity of seizures. He also has one kidney and his spleen was removed due to his case.

The prison administration stopped giving him medications prescribed by specialized doctor to ease his pains, which increased his sufferings.

Al-Saegh said that the unhealthy prison conditions left an additional fingerprint on his pains, as Al-Daqqaq started to suffer from skin allergy. His mother demanded to reveal her son's fate and place, drop the charges brought against him and release him, Al-Saegh reported.

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