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Detainees in Bahrain Prisons Show Readiness to Launch Hunger Strike in Solidarity with “Hasan Mushaima”

2018-08-20 - 9:10 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini London-based activist Ali Mushaima said that he received several letters from Jaw Prison, Dry Dock Prison and women's prison in which detainees showed their desire and readiness to start a hunger strike in solidarity with his father, Hasan Mushaima, in protest against his maltreatment and denial of health care.

Mushaima said in a tweet on his own Twitter account that "protest will widen if violations in prisons won't stop".

Ali Mushaima enters his 21st day of hunger strike as he protests in front of the Bahraini Embassy in London, against the maltreatment of his father, who was the leader of Haq Movement and a prominent figure in leading 14th February protests in 2011. Ali Mushaima demands allowing his 70-year-old father receive treatment and medications and seeing his family who haven't seen them since more than one a half year. It is to note that Hasan Mushaima has been serving a life term since 2011.

The number of Political prisoners in Bahrain exceeded 4000 since the outbreak of the protest that demanded putting an end to tyranny in the country in February 2011.

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