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Jaw Prison Denies Sheikh Ali Salman’s Brother Treatment after Suffering “Sickle” Seizure

2018-08-20 - 7:44 p

Bahrain Mirror: Family of detained Ahmad Mirza said that Jaw Prison authorities refused to allow him leave the prison to the hospital or to the prison's clinic. It also denied him medications and pain killers despite suffering severe sickle seizure that causes him extreme pain.

The family said that their son called them 10 days after communication stopped between them, stressing that he seemed exhausted and couldn't talk.

Ahmad Mirza, the half-brother of opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman, has been in jail since 4 years. He is serving a 10-year jail term over politically-motivated case.

The prison's administration had prevented him last year from receiving treatment after a similar sickle seizure and prevented him from undergoing a surgery to remove his gallbladder since a year and a half.

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