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UK MP: Treatment of Hasan Mushaima in Bahrain Prisons Worrying

2018-08-18 - 7:48 p

Bahrain Mirror: UK MP Jim Cunningham sent a letter about the detained Bahraini dissident Hasan Mushaima, whose son, Ali, launched a hunger strike in front of the Bahraini Embassy in London, demanding providing the needed health care for his father.

Activist Ali Mushima posted the letter in which Cunningham was responding to a citizen who asked him to raise the case of the detained dissident Hasan Mushaima in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Cunningham said in his letter "Hasan Mushaima's role in the Arab Spring protests showed bravery and courage," considering that "his treatment in Bahrain, and the treatment of other political prisoners, is worrying."

He stressed that "reports of torture, denial of medical treatment, and other degrading actions towards the political prisoners should be condemned by all."

Member of British House of Commons indicated that "the UK government does have a close relationship with the government of Bahrain, and therefore it must take responsibility for the role it plays in continuing to support the actions of the government of Bahrain."  

He revealed that his colleague, Karen Lee MP, recently asked the Foreign Office whether they had discussed the specific case of Mushaima with the government of Bahrain. However, the UK government indicated that it has had discussions with senior members of the government of Bahrain regarding the case and that it will continue to call on Bahrain to meet its obligations to protecting human rights.

Cunningham further stated that "whilst this response is an encouraging one, it is only right that the UK government is continually held to account over its relationship with Bahrain."

"I will continue to play my role within this," he added, indicating that he will submit this question to the Foreign Office.

MP Karen Lee had asked the State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what representations have been made to the Government of Bahrain on the denial of access to adequate medical treatment of imprisoned Bahraini political leader Hassan Mushaima.

The Minister of State for the Middle East at the U.K Foreign and Commonwealth Office Alistair Burt answered: "We have raised the case of Hasan Mushaima at a senior level. The UK encourages those with concerns about treatment in detention to report these to the relevant human rights oversight bodies. We urge those bodies to carry out swift and thorough investigations. The UK continues to encourage the Government of Bahrain to deliver on its international and domestic human rights commitments."

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