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SALAM Documents 108 Cases of Torture and Ill-Treatment against Detainees

2018-08-14 - 7:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights documented 108 cases of torture, ill-treatment and denial of medical treatment by the security offices in Bahrain against political detainees and imprisoned human rights activists during June and July of 2018.

"Among these cases, is the case of the child Mohammed Issa Al A'adhab from Diraz, imprisoned in juvenile's facility, who was beaten and severely harassed by the prison administration. Ahmed Ismael from Nuwaidrat village was also injured in fractures in his legs and hands as a result of beatings and continuous torture by security forces. Mohammed Yousef Ne'ama of Al Duraz and Ahmed Mulla Yusuf of Abu Quwa village were also severely beaten," the organization added.

The authorities also deprived more than 20 political prisoners of access to treatment and health care, including opposition leaders such as Sheikh Ali Salman, Sheikh Abdul Jalil Al-Miqdad, Sheikh Mohammed Habib Al-Miqdad, Muhammad Hassan Jawad Parweez, Hassan Mushaima, Abdulwahab Hussein, Dr. Abduljalil al-Singace, Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja and other political detainees and imprisoned human rights activists.

Authorities have also continued to deny female prisoner Hajar Mansour access to health care for more than three months now.

"Almost a day goes by for political detainees in Bahrain's prisons, where the security services do not commit the most egregious violations of human rights, either through torture or beatings, or depriving detainees of the most basic," said Yusuf Al-Muhafdha, vice president of SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights. "Their rights are denied, such as not being able to communicate with their families, preventing visits to them, denying them treatment and isolating them in solitary confinement".

"Through our constant monitoring and documentation of the violations committed by the security services of prisoners in Bahrain, we find that the brutality of these devices has affected women and children. Among the cases we observed during June and July is the case of the child Mohammed Issa Al A'adhab whose detained in juvenile's facility", he noted.

Al Muhafdha concluded saying "We continue to call on the international community to press the Bahraini government to stop all ongoing violations inside and outside the prisons, which political and human rights activists are exposed to, and to hold accountable all those accused of carrying out these violations and those who supervise them".

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