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Irish Parliament Member Expresses Grave Concern over Health Situation of Prominent Bahraini Dissident Hasan Mushaima

2018-08-14 - 7:26 p

Bahrain Mirror: Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs of political Irish party Sinn Féin said he is "deeply concerned" and "alarmed" by reports that Bahraini opposition leader Hasan Mushaima is being mistreated in prison.

In a statement posted by UK journalist Phil Miller on his own Twitter account, member of the Irish Parliament Seán Crowe said that he is deeply concerned with the reports that imprisoned opposition leaders in Bahrain have faced ill-treatment and restriction on their access to proper medical care.

Crowe said "I am alarmed by reports that the seventy year-old Hasan Mushaima has been restricted from visiting medical specialists and from receiving his necessary medicines."

Spokesperson of Sinn Féin indicated that "the oppressive, undemocratic, and sectarian regime in Bahrain has continuously crushed democratic protests and jailed human rights defenders since mass and popular protests calling for democracy in Bahrain began in 2011."

Crowe pointed out that he has "repeatedly raised the Bahraini government's human rights abuses with the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney," stressing that "the Irish government needs to challenge Bahrain's human rights violations and its abuses of political prisoners."

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