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General Authority for Social Insurance Salaries Increased by 260%, Journalist

2018-08-10 - 10:18 p

Bahrain Mirror: A journalist accused the Board of Directors of the Bahraini General Authority for Social Insurance of approving a salary structure with an increase of 260%, in addition to the the bonuses offered to the representatives of the Authority that reach up to hundreds of thousands of dinars in exchange for the Authority's representation in financial institutions.

The journalist pointed to the establishment of a structure and salaries contrary to the structure of the Civil Service Bureau, in one of the biggest violations of the Authority, indicating that these measures raised the cost of salaries from 3.8 million dinars to 9.9 million.

He went on to say that "five years of virtual work was bought for 471,000 dinars for a group of 20 employees of the highest positions in the Authority, who are on the job, which is deemed an a crime against insurance funds."

He further stated that the Authority appointed members of the board of directors of other companies, in exchange for huge financial rewards contrary to Law 3 of 2008 on the determination of the remuneration of the chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the social insurance authority by a decision issued by the Council of Ministers.


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