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Detainee Mohammed Hussein's Father: My Son is Dying and They Don’t Want to Treat Him

2018-08-10 - 10:41 p

Bahrain Mirror: Mohammed Hussein, the father of the detainee Hussein Mohammed Hussein, issued a voice message saying that his son's health is deteriorating; he lost half his weight, while the Jaw Prison administration continues stalls taking him to the hospital for diagnosis.

He said that he contacted the Ombudsman General Secretariat and the National Institute for Human Rights regarding his condition and sent three letters to the Jaw Prison head demanding that he be allowed to receive treatment in a major hospital, such as Salmaniya Medical Complex or the military hospital. All his attempts; however, failed. The voice recording shows one of the phone conversations with his son in which he says "I'm dying."

Hussein suffers from a number of diseases that require medical follow-up, but the authorities refuse to take him to hospital and only send him to a small clinic linked to the prison that does not have any equipment or specialized team for diagnosing his condition. One of the letters sent by his father to the Jaw Prison director indicates that he was "subjected a while ago to a heart attack. He is also subjected to fainting and fevers in the head and legs, which led to the loss of about half of his weight." The letter also refers to "repeated threats he received during transfer to the internal clinic, where he is threatened with solitary confinement" in the event he talks about his illness.

"My son is facing death in cell block 12 at Jaw Prison. I failed in securing his transfer process. I am not asking anything impossible, only taking him to the Salmaniya hospital and treating him there," his father says, adding that "his condition is really bad," and that he lost half of his weight. "I received a call from him today in which he told me that he is dying," as he put it.

Hussein Mohammed Hussein, a resident of Bani Jamra, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his role in the political protests. Hussein was arrested on June 4, 2016, by the Bahraini coast guard while trying to escape out the country with eight other wanted men sentenced in politically-motivated cases via a motorboat.


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