Trial of 3 Detainees who Protested in Nuwaidrat, Resisted Security Officers in Civilian Clothing Begins

2018-08-03 - 1:08 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court commenced the trial of three detainees, who demonstrated in Nuwaidrat and one of whom tried to resist security officers dressed in civilian clothing. The court decided to postpone the case to the September  12 hearing for further study, and issued a copy of the case papers for the defense and ordered that lawyers be appointed for the first and second defendants.

The Public Prosecution said that on June 21, 2018, the first defendant used force and violence with the police, with the intention of unlawfully preventing them from performing their duty yet failed to do so, as he strongly resisted them and attempted to flee.

The Public Prosecution charged all the defendants with participation in a gathering of more than five persons whose purpose was to disturb public order using such violence to achieve their goal.

The main operations room received a report that a group of demonstrators gathered on the main road in the Nuwaidrat area and blocked the street with garbage containers and wood waste. The security forces headed towards the scene and a group of demonstrators fled in the area. The security forces tracked down and apprehended the three suspects.

During the arrest of the first defendant, he assaulted and resisted the police, attempting to escape. Before he managed to escape, he tripped on a stone, which resulted in his injuries.

According to the official report, the first defendant confessed during interrogation that he contacted the second defendant, who told him that they will go out in the evening to close the street in Nuwaidrat, so he wore a mask and then headed to the street until he approached a obsequies hall in the area. He; however, did not see anyone, so he began to block the street with containers. While he was doing so, he found out that the police had arrived, so he attempted to flee, but he ran into two policemen wearing civilian clothes. When they tried to arrest him, he hit one of them with one blow and then fell to the ground before he could escape.


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