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UK Naval Base can Hold Full Regiment in Event of Crisis- Photos

2018-08-01 - 8:00 p

Bahrain Mirror: An English-language local daily published different photos for the new UK base in Bahrain that show how huge and highly developed the establishment is, as well as the luxury life provided to the soldiers there.

Officials said that the UK naval base in Mina Salman port has been dubbed Britain's best naval facility in the world.

The newspaper stated that an entire British regiment could be deployed to Bahrain in the event of an emergency or humanitarian crisis in the region.

The new UK naval base is designed to hold an entire battle unit.

This is in addition to accommodating mine hunters, frigates and destroyer size ships at its Mina Salman port complex, which can house another 200 military personal," said one of the UK military officials.

"The UK headquarters is designed to hold a whole battle staff at a given time, as in if there is an emergency like a conflict or humanitarian crisis which needs a team to be stepped up for assistance, we have the capacity to do that," Lt Wadge stated.

Built to UK specifications and with provisions for future expansion, it was the first new British military establishment east of Suez since 1971 and cost an estimated BD14 million-plus.

The base includes six accommodation blocks, with a total of 549 bed space.

The building includes shops, coffee bar, small church, open barbecue and a football pitch.

The facility has been funded by the UK Defence Ministry, while the Royal Marines and Royal Charity have generously gifted the equipment in the social and games area - including the furniture and televisions - making life more comfortable.

The official said the "The gym overlooking the sea is adjacent to the social room, designed to make the at home feel with a balcony and smoking area."

"Three times a week, latest movies are screened in the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) studio," he said.

The official stressed that "Bahrain is better than any other facilities of the UK Navy elsewhere in the world".

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