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Saudi Court Sentences Bahraini to 9 Years in Jail over Taking Part in Qatif Protests

2018-07-25 - 7:03 p

Bahrain Mirror: A local newspaper said that a Saudi court sentenced a Bahraini to 9 years in prison after convicting him of providing financial support to the regime and taking part in protests in Qatif.

The court said that the arrested Bahraini provided financial support to his wanted brother and accused him of destabilizing the social fabric and national cohesion through participating in demonstrations and marches in Qatif.

The protests included chanting slogans against the rulers, the court said and added that the suspect met and communicated with a number of wanted and covered him. He also covered his wanted brother who used car without plates to mislead security men.

The court ordered the Bahraini citizen out of Saudi Arabia after finishing his prison term and prevented him from entering the country again.

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