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Prosecution Accuses Prisoner in Jaw Prison of Directing Youth to Manufacture Fake Bomb and Put it in Jid Ali

2018-07-25 - 7:02 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Criminal Court started the  trial of two suspects accused of putting fake bomb on public street in Jid Ali and decided to adjourn the case until September 10 for pleading, assigning a lawyer to the first suspect and announcing the second one (who is sentenced in another case and is serving his prison term in Jaw prison).

The Public Prosecution accused the first suspect of putting, on 13/1/2017, fake bomb on public street for a terrorist aim and accused the second one of taking part with the first through directing him to manufacture a hoax bomb to put in Jid Ali.

The Public Prosecution claims that the security authorities reached the suspect after examining the fake bomb and discovering the suspect's genes. The DNA database proved that the samples are for the suspect (20 years).

It also said that the police investigations and confidential sources proved that the suspect is one who put the fake body.

The prosecution said that the suspect admitted the crime he committed and said that he communicated with the second one who is serving his prison term in Jaw prison.

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