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Company Using Expired Materials Shut Down, Suspects Held for 7 Days Pending Investigation

2018-07-20 - 7:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: Chief Prosecutor for Ministries and Governmental Directorates, Advocate General Mamdouh Al-Maawda said that the police reported to Public Prosecution that a company that manufactures cacao, chocolate and sweets was using expired materials.

The public health directorate was notified and law enforcement officers inspected the premises where they found food products with labels carrying no validity/expiry dates, he said. The labels were removed and it was discovered that validity date of these items had expired.

The Chief Prosecutor also said that those in charge of the factory were remanded to custody for 7 days. The suspects were charged with forgery and selling expired food. The Public Health Department was assigned to examine and seize all the products that violated the regulations.

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